Why choose AHDI?

More user flow and good reputation

A mobile payment service platform with one billion users, which will bring more user flow and good reputation and make your business grow faster.

Mass profit optimization

A competitive MPF(Merchant Processing Fee), high commission rates, withdrawals at any time.

Various mobile payment products

Smart POS, cloud code scanning APP, QR Code dash stand and voice box, with a variety of product forms, more in line with business needs.

Trusted FinTech brand

Mature mobile payment technology and rich service experience of ALTO and WeChat Pay、Alipay makes AHDI more reliable and trustworthy.

Security and stability

Comprehensive risk and business monitoring, core transaction data encryption and PCI compliance make AHDI more reliable and secure.

Access advantages

No threshold, only simple registration

Unconditionally registration for both enterprises and individuals and rapid realization of business liquidity.

Fast and Convenient Payment Experience

In-app and QR-code technology makes payment finished within a second and offer a great of efficiency.

Support any trade scenario

comprehensive and convenient mobile payment experience, including catering, transportation, entertainment, shopping and other consumer scenarios.

Comprehensive operational management

Strict R&D and testing process, as well as rigorous on-line operation and maintenance standard, all-round technology, order management and customer service support, ensuring the safety of transactions.

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